Who are the Friends of Elder Park?

Good Question!

Elder Park was given to the people in Govan in 1885. Fast forward 128 years and the Friends of Elder Park group was established to take care of that gift. The group is made up of people who care about the park, be they from Govan or Gabon, Cardonald or Canada. Anyone who wants to see this green space flourish is more than very, very welcome in the group.

But why?

Local people wanted to protect Govan’s vital green space. We certainly won’t be given another one like it! It’s fair to say that  Elder Park has had some high and low points over the years, and people wanted to support the best possible future outcomes for the park, and the surrounding community. The group believed then, as we do now, that Elder Park is an asset that belongs to the people of Govan, and to the people who use the park to it’s best and fullest potential.

So what do Friends of Elder Park do?
  • We promote education and community development. 
  • We support environmental protection and improvement. 
  • We provide recreational facilities and activities. 
  • We seek to ensure that Isabella Elder’s deed of gift is upheld.
So how does the group work?

The group is made up of a wider membership who annually elect a committee to represent them, and other park-users. This occurs every November at the Annual General Meeting. Throughout the year there are other meetings and events to which the wider membership are invited to; to make sure the committee’s activities are in line with what the whole group wants. The committee generally meet on a monthly basis to discuss opportunities and issues, make plans, and carry forward ideas.

So can anyone be a member?

YES, YES a thousand times YES! Everyone is welcome to be a member of Friends of Elder Park. Unless of course you hate parks, but then why would you be here?

Under 16’s cannot currently vote at meetings, but other than that there are absolutely no age limits to participation. We believe that everyone has a right to have their opinion on their park heard, and we will work to encourage and support workable and pro-active ideas.

If you have any more questions about the Friends of Elder Park then please get in touch. If you want to join then please, please definitely get in touch. Please bear in mind that we are all volunteers,  so sometimes we aren’t able to reply as quickly as we might like, but we will try and get in touch with you as soon as we can.