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We’ve only gone and got ourselves a blog!


The first ever blog post…. what should we write about? It’s got to be something pretty monumental, or maybe something funny…or actually scrap that… After 24 hours (and gallons of coffee) pulling this (very much a work in progress) blogsite together we’ll maybe just explain why.

Why then?

Friends of Elder Park are currently trying to support the beginning of a dialogue between Glasgow City Council, and the owners of Elder Park; the people of Govan and the people who make good use of the park. This will result in a consultation about the future management of Elder Park, and we want to support that being as meaningful as possible.

So how does a blog help with that?

Whichever side of the park fence you end up sitting on in the proposed management restructuring, you’ll be able find key dates for the consultation process, information on how to get your voice heard, and information/ opinions gathered from conversations/ communication we’ve had with both the community and the council. Have a look around and you’ll see the beginning of this  – there will be much more to follow!

So…… is that what the whole blog is going to be about?


NOT AT ALL! That’s why we’ve started it, but it’s definitely not the only thing you’ll find on here. We’ll have to see how far we can develop it, but in time we hope it will have all sorts of fun, useful and interesting things for you. There’s only one way for you to find out though. Why don’t you mosey on over to the orange subscription button over there on the right and give it a little click.

Well that’s all for now dear reader. Thanks for stopping by!