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Community in the Park 2017 – Get involved!!

Last year we worked with Elder Park Housing Association, Aberlour Youth Point, and Glasgow Sport  to bring together a family fun & music event in Elder Park. Community in the Park celebrated the diversity, creativity, and general fabulousness that is Govan! We were funded to deliver this by Glasgow City Council.

We’re looking forward to holding this event again on September 23rd  October 14th 2017, and we’d love to get YOU involved! Please get in touch if you;

  • have any ideas about what sort of activities we could offer at this event
  • would like to get involved in planning or running the event
  • are a local performer – musician, poet, dancer…. football tricks…what’s your skill?
  • are part of a local group or organisation who would like to contribute an activity to a completely free community event

Friends of Elder Park are coordinating this event on an entirely voluntary basis – but if we can source funding to support other groups and individuals within the community to get involved then we’d love to! So if your idea would need a little bit of financial support to make it possible then please let us know. Equally, if there’s something you can offer for free – whether that’s your time,  talent, or…. a gazebo…then we certainly wouldn’t say no! We just want to make sure this is a fantastic, fun, and completely free event for the people of Govan!


Elder Park Working Group: part 1

Please be patient with us here. More blog posts on this to follow. There’s a lot to say, and some of it we aren’t 100% about ourselves so we’ll try and share this information in bite-size chunks, and keep the jargon to a minimum…. Avoiding acronyms/ abbreviations is going to be impossible but we’ll try our very best.

If you are aware of any errors in this (or indeed any other) post then please let us know in the comments.

Elder Park Working Group (EPWG) was initiated in late 2015, and is coordinated by  Glasgow Community Planning Partnership (GCPP) – South Sector.

The following Glasgow City Council (GCC) departments, and other organisations have had invited representation at EPWG meetings.

The focus of the group has not only been Elder Park, but also on surrounding streets/ services/buildings.

EPWG have spent these meetings discussing  issues, areas for development, overlapping responsibilities, gaps in provision, and future management possibilities for the identified area. We will seek to update this blog post with a map of the concerned area

It is FoEP’s understanding that the reason for this attention, discussion, planning and communication is because of Govan’s status as a targeted neighbourhood within Glasgow Community Planning Partnership’s ‘Thriving Places’ Approach.

“We will adopt a different approach to support for these communities  over the next decade. The challenge is to adopt a new way of working amongst service providers, working side by side with communities, to make better use of existing resources and assets, many of which are already embedded in communities themselves. Our aim is to develop and support thriving communities all across Glasgow. We will start by focusing on a few neighbourhoods to begin with.”

Glasgow’s Single Outcome Agreement 2013, p 30

Govan is one of these neighbourhoods. If none of this means very much to you, then don’t worry about it. We are seeking a clear and concise description of what all of this means, and will be sure to update this post when we have that. However, if you are someone who loves reading long reports and policy/ strategy documents the you can check out the full Glasgow’s Single Outcome Agreement here.