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Help Elder Park Thrive! Open Afternoon, 1st December

Want to do something to help improve Govan’s shared green space? Fancy doing some team-work to tidy up,  or party down, in the park? Are you green fingered, good at organising things, getting the word out, or even running an activity or event yourself?

Would you like to help out every now and then, just for specific activities, or get a bit more involved to help our park become a better place for the whole community?

Not sure yet, but you’re interested in finding out more?

The FOEP Committee warmly welcome you to come along to our open afternoon from 2pm – 4pm on Saturday 1st December in Elder Park Libary Reference Room (The big room). 228A Langlands Rd, Glasgow G51 3TZ. 

Come along and find out more! If you can’t manage the afternoon but would like to know more about getting involved then please use the contact form at the bottom of THIS PAGE.

foep open afternoon poster (1).jpg

Friends of Elder Park are 10!

FOEP has hit double digits. At the ripe old age of 10, this year will be one of celebration & contemplation. We want to celebrate the last 10 years, and are thinking about what kinds of fun community events might mark this. We will also have to carefully consider the future, and what the community can do when faced with the cuts in maintenance the park has already experienced, and will continue to face in the coming year(s). In short, austerity is really bad for parks….

Now more than ever, FOEP needs an influx of ideas and energy to try and highlight, to the Council and beyond, how completely crucial parks are to communities. How can we -as a community- make this happen?

If you are an organisation or a group in Govan, what can you do to promote the use of the space for Community celebration, integration, and health? Perhaps FOEP could support you in that?

If you are a parent or teacher, how can the Schools encourage positive use/  care of the park in their students? There are examples of this taking place already, but Elder Park will always benefit from more. We’d love to have discussions about this.

If you are a resident, would you like to get together with other people and think about how YOUR park can be of best use to the people who live in Govan. Can we clean-up more, can we have more activities, can we have more events? What do you think, and what can you do?

That’s what it comes down to.  What can we each offer to our community?

We’ll be holding our AGM this coming Monday in Elder Park Library – All details are HERE. It’s a good place to start sharing ideas and thinking about all of this.

We really, really hope to see you there.