Join Friends of Elder Park

Go on, you know you want to. You wouldn’t have clicked on this page if you didn’t. Head on down ↓↓↓↓ to the bottom of the page if you already know you want to join.

Membership is free to all, and the events and activities which we organise and/or promote in the park are free too. Should it cost any money to enjoy your park? We don’t believe it should.

We will invite you to meetings and events throughout the year, but it’s up to you which of these (if any) you attend. Essentially we want as much from you as you want to offer, and there are lots of different ways you can contribute and be a fantastic member of the Elder Park Fan Club.

  • like us on Facebook 
  • follow and share posts from this blog

The more love we get on Social Media, the more chance we have of reaching as many people as possible. When Elder Park faces an issue, the entire community faces that issue. We want to be able to share information, news, and fun things as widely as possible. Social media campaigns can play a massive part in affecting real change, but not without people like you sharing, retweeting, getting the word out there, and generally being great.

  • come along to events
  • come along to meetings

If you’d like to have a  more hands-on approach then come along to events and/ or meetings. There’s almost always some tasty treats on offer. We don’t take things too seriously, though we’re always deadly serious about the treats…..and the park of course. We welcome absolutely everyone who wants to constructively participate. If you want to sit back and listen that’s great. If you want to debate, discuss and take on responsibilities then that’s greatness times a million. Both of these ways of participating are great.

  • Put yourself forward as a committee member

This is probably the most hands-on you can get. There are different levels of commitment. As an office bearer (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer) you would have specific responsibilities. As a general committee member it is up to you to support  the office-bearers, come up with ideas, do research and drive individual initiatives forward. Being a committee member requires that you attend monthly or bi-monthly meetings, but we do understand that people have lives outside Elder Park…kind of.. so attendance isn’t required at absolutely every meeting. We’ve outlined a little more on what all of these roles entail here.

All over 16’s are more than welcome to put themselves forward for election to the committee at the Annual General Meeting in November. Volunteering in this way can be a good way to develop new skills, become more integrated in your community, and learn you are good at something you would never have tried otherwise.

If any of this, and we mean any, sounds like it’s something you can offer to your park and community then fill in the nifty form below. Be great, join Friends of Elder Park.