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What does it mean to be on the Management Committee?

We wanted to share a little more on the roles and responsibilities that people take on by being elected at our AGMs. The election process involves being nominated and then seconded. Where, there is more than one candidate for a role the voting membership attending (i.e. members who are 16+) will vote by a show of hands.

The Chairperson directs the group’s activities and guides the committee meetings. The chair has a clear understanding of the group’s interests, lets everyone have their say and makes sure the constitution is upheld. The chair is responsible for making sure agreed tasks are carried out, and making decisions between meetings if necessary. Before meetings the chair should plan and understand the agenda and ensure all necessary information is available. At meetings the chair should welcome everyone, introduce new members and visitors, ask for any apologies and check the minutes are an accurate record of the previous meeting. During meetings the chair should introduce each item and its purpose, request contributions, encourage participation, ensure others do not dominate the meeting, delegate tasks, record votes if necessary, and make sure the meeting keeps to time. At the end of each meeting the chair should allow time for “any other business”, confirm the time, date and location of the next meeting, close the meeting and thank everyone for attending.
The chairperson should:

  • Help prepare agendas
  • Guide conduct of meetings
  • Build unity of purpose
  • Welcome new members and introduce guests
  • Know and understand the constitution
  • Ensure sufficient consideration of issues
  • Try to promote consensus
  • Prevent anyone taking over and dominating discussions
  • Get through the agenda on time
  • Sum up problems, points, decisions
  • Ensure decisions are carried out
  • Delegate tasks
  • Represent group to the outside world

The chairperson should always have:

  • A diary
  • Appropriate paperwork for the meeting – agenda, minutes, reports
  • Notepad and pen
  • Folder to keep paperwork in order
  • Watch or clock to ensure meetings keep to time, and
  • A strong voice – to keep order!

The Vice Chair assumes the role and responsibilities of the chairperson in their absence.

Office Bearers Roles and Responsibilities

The group Secretary is responsible for taking and circulating minutes, preparing agendas for meetings, organising paperwork and correspondence, distributing information to members, and keeping members up-to-date about dates for other meetings and events.
The secretary should:

  • Prepare an agenda in consultation with the chairperson
  • Arrange and book a suitable venue for the meeting and guest speaker if necessary
  • Send notice of the meeting and agenda to all committee members so that they will receive them at least a week before the meeting is arranged. These should always be sent out even if they are held at the same time and place each week or month
  • Keep a complete, approved and signed up to date set of minutes  Attend to all incoming and outgoing correspondence
  • Make phonecalls and gather information
  • Maintain minutes and records in an accurate filing system
  • Keep diary of forthcoming events
  • Keep record of everyone attending the meeting or collect their names in an attendance book
  • Record apologies of absence
  • Ensure a quorum is present before any business is done
  • At meeting – read out all correspondence received and report any action taken since last meeting, and
  • Ensure chairperson is supplied with all necessary papers and information relevant to the meeting.

The secretary should always have:

  • A diary
  • Necessary paperwork for the meeting – agenda, minutes, reports and spare copies for committee members who may have forgotten theirs
  • Notebook and pen
  • Folder to keep paperwork in order
  • Headed notepaper with the organisation’s logo
  • Stamps and envelopes, and
  • A Computer

The Treasurer looks after the group’s income and expenditure by keeping the finances up-todate, keeping track of receipts and bank statements and compiling financial reports detailing income and expenditure. The treasurer is responsible for budgeting for the group and preparing annual financial accounts that must be checked by an independent person.
The treasurer should:

  • Operate clear and accurate book-keeping system and be able to handle figures
  • Be responsible for proper handling of the finance of the organisation, but not the actual raising of money
  • Prepare a financial report for meetings
  • Ensure all approved bills are paid At the meeting:
  • Present a report of money paid into the account
  • Advise the group on the amount of money available for the groups work and highlight any possibility of excess spending
  • Prepare a financial statement for scrutinising prior to the AGM
  • Present the balance sheet and financial statement at the AGM after they have received audited accounts

The treasurer should always have:

  • A diary
  • A money box and Petty cash book if handling petty cash
  • A cheque book
  • An accounts book
  • Folder for receipts
  • Receipt book
  • Bank book
  • Note pad
  • Paperwork for meetings

The General Committee Members should:

  • Attend meetings
  • Arrive prepared with agenda and relevant papers
  • Stick to the agenda
  • Work as a team
  • Support and encourage quieter members
  • Discourage domination by one or few
  • Take action on tasks identified from the previous minute
  • Vote on issues
  • Assist with projects, fund raising etc
  • Aim towards constructive discussion and decisions
  • Stick to the decisions of the group
  • Encourage membership

A meadow for Elder Park?

RSPB recently got in touch with some exciting news regarding potential work on an area of Elder Park.

Over recent years RSPB have worked with FOEP to develop House Sparrow meadows and perennial wildflower meadows. In recent years these birds were in decline in the UK, so we wanted to help make Elder Park a haven for House Sparrows by developing  these plots  You can see some photos of young govanites getting involved in this here. This year RSPB are working with Pirie Park primary, their New House Sparrow Ambassador School, so we’re very pleased about that.

Whilst they were on-site, the idea was put forward that the whole area of grassland (the wider highlighted area next to Garmouth St on the map below) could be turned into a meadow. To do this however, the grass would have to be turned by a large rake-like machine called a stone-burrier. This would disturb the grass and turn the turfs to allow successful wildflower seeding and plug planting. So in theory, their house sparrow plots would sit like little islands, in a larger colourful sea of wildflower (HS plots highlighted with the diamond pattern on the map)

RSPB feel that it could be a great biodiversity enhancement to the park, but in the interim it would look pretty scruffy until the seed grew in. What do you think? Do you feel strongly about this either way? Would you like to be involved in seeding a new meadow if this happened? Let us know by leaving a message via the contact form below.




Get YOUR point across about YOUR park!

We received the email below via Glasgow City Council (GCC) Land and Environmental Services looking for people to submit their ideas about parks and green spaces. If you feel like you would like the chance to share your ideas about parks and green spaces in Glasgow – and have a spare 10 minutes –  then please fill in the questionnaire here –

As far as we can tell Pidgin Perfect will be advising the council on strategies based upon your responses. So whilst this probably shouldn’t be considered a GCC consultation, it’s still a chance to get your ideas/ thoughts across.

Over the past year, Pidgin Perfect have been working with Glasgow City Council’s Land and Environmental Services to develop a strategy to secure a vibrant and sustainable future for Glasgow’s many beautiful Parks and Greenspaces.

In order to create a strategy that works for all of Glasgow’s park users, Pidgin Perfect are hoping to gather the thoughts, opinions and ideas of as many park users as possible. Below is the link to a short questionnaire with a number of questions about how you would like to see Glasgow’s Parks and Greenspaces develop in the future. It will take less than 10 minutes to complete and all your answers will be anonymised.

Please share this questionnaire with any friends, family or colleagues who you think would also be interested in the future of Glasgow’s Parks and Greenspaces. You can also share it through social media.

AGM Saturday 28th January, 1-3pm

All are welcome to come along to Friends of Elder Park’s AGM on Saturday 28th January, 1-3pm, in Elder Park Library. Come along for a cuppa, and a chance to catch up on what has been happening in Elder Park.
Please share this event with anyone would be interested in taking up free membership with Friends of Elder Park, and contributing to the protection and development of Elder Park.
As ever, we would very much welcome the addition of new members on the committee so please consider this before you come along.
We look forward to seeing you there!