Time Travel through Elder Park!

With Doors Open Days going digital this year, we thought it was a good time to introduce the ➡️ Elder Park Digital Timeline! ⬅️ Why not click the link, and take a trip through years gone by in Govan’s green space?

Is there something missing? The timeline will evolve, improve, and grow throughout the Mrs Elder’s Glorious Gift project (2020 – 2021). If you think something should be added, or changed, please get in touch at govansgloriousgift@gmail.com or via Facebook

 If you would like to get involved in research for the timeline (What kind of llama was in Elder Park? Where did the bandstand go? Why is there another Elder Park with the same bandstand in Australia?) then we would love to hear from you. If you’d like to know how to create a timeline like this yourself for free, then we’d be very happy to show you.

We’ll also be working on some other things, which will only be made better with your involvement. Of course, things are tricky with social distancing, but we can find a way!
One of the next things we will be working on is a Map of Memories. What do you remember about your time spent in Elder Park? Are you a true Govan Knight? Did you fish for baggy minnows? Were you a paddle boat person or a pedal boat person? Do you have any precious photos from time spent in the park with friends or family?
Again, we’d love to hear from you, so please get in touch using the contact details above.

This post was written by guest blogger, Heritage Engagement Officer, Chani Bond, as part of ‘Mrs Elder’s Glorious Gift’. 

The Friends of Elder Park Committee are delighted to support this project.

Happy 135th Birthday Elder Park!

This Saturday 27th June marks the anniversary of the park first opening in 1885. For families whose ancestry stretches back into Govan’s history, your great, great, great, great grandparents will have almost certainly been there that day, celebrating with thousands of others, all excited about their welcome green space at a time where households were cramped, and work was backbreaking.

For 135 years Elder Park has been the backdrop for the games, leisure and lives for generations of Govanites. In recent times during lockdown we have seen it bustle with families and friends reconnecting with each other*, and with nature, or using it to take care of themselves through exercise. Isabella Elder would be very pleased that her gift is still serving the people of Govan.

How do you imagine the park felt and looked the day it opened? With the parade of thousands, all of the music, banners and fanfare, and the park landscape freshly laid out by John Honeyman, a leading figure in Scottish Architecture and Landscape Design.

One thing that would have certainly looked very different then was the entranceway to the park on Govan road, with gates that were once so ornate and beautiful that they suited the embellished gold casket their key was placed in. It is very fair to say that the gates would need a lot of love to return them to their former glory. Excitingly, they will be receiving this care and attention in the coming year, through works that will also see restoration to the K13 Memorial. 

The restoration of the gates and lighting at the park entranceway are being undertaken as part of Govan Cross Townscape Heritage Initiative and Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme, using funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, Historic Environment Scotland and Glasgow City Council. The restoration project will be co-ordinated by Glasgow Building Preservation Trust working alongside Heritage Engagement Officer Chani Bond, Glasgow City Council and the THI Team.

There will be lots of opportunity for community members to get involved in celebrating this transformation, and the heritage of the park, through ‘Mrs Elder’s Glorious Gift’, a series of upcoming activities and events which are funded to run alongside the improvement works. You’ll find out more about all of this here on the FOEP blogsite and the getintogovan website, through our social media channels, and through the project’s dedicated facebook page.

We look forward to seeing the entranceway returned to its former glory and to celebrating Elder Park! We hope that it continues to serve the people of Govan for another 135 years, and many more!

*with appropriate social distancing, of course!

This post was written by guest blogger, Heritage Engagement Officer, Chani Bond, as part of ‘Mrs Elder’s Glorious Gift’. 

The Friends of Elder Park Committee are delighted to support this project, and the much-needed improvements to the park's gates.

AGM: 4th March, 6PM

All are welcome to come along to Friends of Elder Park’s AGM on Wednesday 4th March, 6 – 7.30pm in Elder Park Library. Come along for a chat and a cuppa, vote in the new committee, and catch up on all things Elder Park.

As ever, we very much welcome the addition of new members on the committee so please consider this before you come along. You can read a little about what this entails HERE. We look forward to seeing you there!

K13 Memorial Gathering

This coming Saturday, 25th January, the Scottish Submariners Association will gather for their annual event commemorating the loss of life of 32 people aboard the K13 Submarine, including 6 Fairfield Shipyard workers as well as Naval personnel, during a tragic accident in 1917.

The group will gather at 10 am in Elder Park at the K13 memorial opposite the Fairfield Heritage centre on Govan Road.

There will be more information on the K13 coming soon on this site, as the memorial itself will be restored this year as part of a wider project which will also see the restoration of the nearby Elder Park gateway. This work is being undertaken by The Govan Cross Townscape Heritage Initiative, in collaboration with Glasgow Building Preservation Trust and Glasgow City Council.

This work will also include a series of fun community engagement activities and events exploring the heritage of Elder Park, under the title of ‘Mrs Elder’s Glorious Gift’. Friends of Elder Park are supporting this project, so we hope that you’ll get involved!

This post was written by Heritage Engagement Officer, Chani Bond, as part of ‘Mrs Elder’s Glorious Gift’

AGM – Mon 18th March, 6pm

All are welcome to come along to Friends of Elder Park’s AGM on Monday 18th March, 6 – 7.30pm (refreshments from 5.45pm), in Elder Park Library. Come along for a cuppa, vote in our new committee, and catch up on what has been happening in Elder Park.
Please share this event with anyone would be interested in taking up free membership with Friends of Elder Park, and contributing to the protection and development of Elder Park.  If you are unable to come along to this meeting, but would like to get involved in supporting development and activity in Elder Park then please get in touch via the form at the bottom of the page.
foep AGM poster 2019Please note that we will be raising 2 proposed changes to our constitution at this meeting.

Change 1
In line with the Scottish Charity Account Regulations 2006 (2011 Update), future FOEP Financial Accounts will be ‘scrutinised’ rather than ‘audited’.
Change 2
The Committee will expand from 7 General Members to 11 in order to widen opportunity for active involvement, and increase our capacity for activity and development in Elder Park.

The agenda for the evening is as follows:
Item 1: Welcome – Chairperson’s opening remarks
Item 2: Review previous meeting’s minutes
Item 3: Chairperson’s report
Item 4: Secretary’s report
Item 5: Presentation – FOEP moving forward
Item 6: Members Q&A
Item 7: Motions to amend constitution – 2 items
Item 8: GDPR discussion
Item 9: Elections for 2019 committee
Any Other Business / Date of next meeting

Help Elder Park Thrive! Open Afternoon, 1st December

Want to do something to help improve Govan’s shared green space? Fancy doing some team-work to tidy up,  or party down, in the park? Are you green fingered, good at organising things, getting the word out, or even running an activity or event yourself?

Would you like to help out every now and then, just for specific activities, or get a bit more involved to help our park become a better place for the whole community?

Not sure yet, but you’re interested in finding out more?

The FOEP Committee warmly welcome you to come along to our open afternoon from 2pm – 4pm on Saturday 1st December in Elder Park Libary Reference Room (The big room). 228A Langlands Rd, Glasgow G51 3TZ. 

Come along and find out more! If you can’t manage the afternoon but would like to know more about getting involved then please use the contact form at the bottom of THIS PAGE.

foep open afternoon poster (1).jpg

Community in the Park 2018!

We’re looking forward to holding this event again on September 15th. You can check out photos from our previous events here. It’s a very special afternoon for us because we’ll be celebrating Friends of Elder Park’s 10th Birthday, so why not let us know you are coming along to help us party on our facebook event page.

With less than a month to go we’ve got a lot to do! So, we’d love to hear from you if you;

  • would like to get involved in planning or running the event
  • are a local performer – musician, poet, dancer…. football tricks…what’s your skill?
  • are part of a local group or organisation who would like to contribute an activity to a completely free community event
  • are 18-25 and would like to help steward the event – for which you would receive expenses.

Friends of Elder Park are coordinating this event on an entirely voluntary basis (and with a teeny tiny budget, but if we can support other small groups and individuals within the community to get involved then we’d love to! So if your idea would need a little bit of financial support to make it possible then please let us know. Equally, if there’s something you can offer for free – whether that’s your time,  talent, or…. a gazebo/ fold-up table/ chairs etc…then we certainly wouldn’t say no! We just want to make sure this is a fantastic, fun, and completely free event for the people of Govan.

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Spring Cleaning & Community Fun in the Park! Sat 5th May, 12 – 3

FRIENDS, FLOWERS, FOOD & FUN! Oh, and of course it all costs the grand total of £0 to get involved! What more could you want?
2018FOEP_SpringEvent_WEB (1)We’ll be Litter-Picking, Seed-sowing, planting, and then enjoying some crafts, tunes & tasty food! Further details to be announced closer to the time! Why not let us know you are coming along on Facebook so we know how much tasty food to prepare?!

Our thanks to Plantation Productions for helping to support this event. If you are able to help support this event (or others) in any way then please get in touch! Maybe you can lend some time, maybe you can offer some seeds, maybe you know of a business who is dying to sponsor volunteers delivering community events. We want to hear from YOU!









Friends of Elder Park are 10!

FOEP has hit double digits. At the ripe old age of 10, this year will be one of celebration & contemplation. We want to celebrate the last 10 years, and are thinking about what kinds of fun community events might mark this. We will also have to carefully consider the future, and what the community can do when faced with the cuts in maintenance the park has already experienced, and will continue to face in the coming year(s). In short, austerity is really bad for parks….

Now more than ever, FOEP needs an influx of ideas and energy to try and highlight, to the Council and beyond, how completely crucial parks are to communities. How can we -as a community- make this happen?

If you are an organisation or a group in Govan, what can you do to promote the use of the space for Community celebration, integration, and health? Perhaps FOEP could support you in that?

If you are a parent or teacher, how can the Schools encourage positive use/  care of the park in their students? There are examples of this taking place already, but Elder Park will always benefit from more. We’d love to have discussions about this.

If you are a resident, would you like to get together with other people and think about how YOUR park can be of best use to the people who live in Govan. Can we clean-up more, can we have more activities, can we have more events? What do you think, and what can you do?

That’s what it comes down to.  What can we each offer to our community?

We’ll be holding our AGM this coming Monday in Elder Park Library – All details are HERE. It’s a good place to start sharing ideas and thinking about all of this.

We really, really hope to see you there.



What does it mean to be on the Management Committee?

We wanted to share a little more on the roles and responsibilities that people take on by being elected at our AGMs. The election process involves being nominated and then seconded. Where, there is more than one candidate for a role the voting membership attending (i.e. members who are 16+) will vote by a show of hands.

The Chairperson directs the group’s activities and guides the committee meetings. The chair has a clear understanding of the group’s interests, lets everyone have their say and makes sure the constitution is upheld. The chair is responsible for making sure agreed tasks are carried out, and making decisions between meetings if necessary. Before meetings the chair should plan and understand the agenda and ensure all necessary information is available. At meetings the chair should welcome everyone, introduce new members and visitors, ask for any apologies and check the minutes are an accurate record of the previous meeting. During meetings the chair should introduce each item and its purpose, request contributions, encourage participation, ensure others do not dominate the meeting, delegate tasks, record votes if necessary, and make sure the meeting keeps to time. At the end of each meeting the chair should allow time for “any other business”, confirm the time, date and location of the next meeting, close the meeting and thank everyone for attending.
The chairperson should:

  • Help prepare agendas
  • Guide conduct of meetings
  • Build unity of purpose
  • Welcome new members and introduce guests
  • Know and understand the constitution
  • Ensure sufficient consideration of issues
  • Try to promote consensus
  • Prevent anyone taking over and dominating discussions
  • Get through the agenda on time
  • Sum up problems, points, decisions
  • Ensure decisions are carried out
  • Delegate tasks
  • Represent group to the outside world

The chairperson should always have:

  • A diary
  • Appropriate paperwork for the meeting – agenda, minutes, reports
  • Notepad and pen
  • Folder to keep paperwork in order
  • Watch or clock to ensure meetings keep to time, and
  • A strong voice – to keep order!

The Vice Chair assumes the role and responsibilities of the chairperson in their absence.

Office Bearers Roles and Responsibilities

The group Secretary is responsible for taking and circulating minutes, preparing agendas for meetings, organising paperwork and correspondence, distributing information to members, and keeping members up-to-date about dates for other meetings and events.
The secretary should:

  • Prepare an agenda in consultation with the chairperson
  • Arrange and book a suitable venue for the meeting and guest speaker if necessary
  • Send notice of the meeting and agenda to all committee members so that they will receive them at least a week before the meeting is arranged. These should always be sent out even if they are held at the same time and place each week or month
  • Keep a complete, approved and signed up to date set of minutes  Attend to all incoming and outgoing correspondence
  • Make phonecalls and gather information
  • Maintain minutes and records in an accurate filing system
  • Keep diary of forthcoming events
  • Keep record of everyone attending the meeting or collect their names in an attendance book
  • Record apologies of absence
  • Ensure a quorum is present before any business is done
  • At meeting – read out all correspondence received and report any action taken since last meeting, and
  • Ensure chairperson is supplied with all necessary papers and information relevant to the meeting.

The secretary should always have:

  • A diary
  • Necessary paperwork for the meeting – agenda, minutes, reports and spare copies for committee members who may have forgotten theirs
  • Notebook and pen
  • Folder to keep paperwork in order
  • Headed notepaper with the organisation’s logo
  • Stamps and envelopes, and
  • A Computer

The Treasurer looks after the group’s income and expenditure by keeping the finances up-todate, keeping track of receipts and bank statements and compiling financial reports detailing income and expenditure. The treasurer is responsible for budgeting for the group and preparing annual financial accounts that must be checked by an independent person.
The treasurer should:

  • Operate clear and accurate book-keeping system and be able to handle figures
  • Be responsible for proper handling of the finance of the organisation, but not the actual raising of money
  • Prepare a financial report for meetings
  • Ensure all approved bills are paid At the meeting:
  • Present a report of money paid into the account
  • Advise the group on the amount of money available for the groups work and highlight any possibility of excess spending
  • Prepare a financial statement for scrutinising prior to the AGM
  • Present the balance sheet and financial statement at the AGM after they have received audited accounts

The treasurer should always have:

  • A diary
  • A money box and Petty cash book if handling petty cash
  • A cheque book
  • An accounts book
  • Folder for receipts
  • Receipt book
  • Bank book
  • Note pad
  • Paperwork for meetings

The General Committee Members should:

  • Attend meetings
  • Arrive prepared with agenda and relevant papers
  • Stick to the agenda
  • Work as a team
  • Support and encourage quieter members
  • Discourage domination by one or few
  • Take action on tasks identified from the previous minute
  • Vote on issues
  • Assist with projects, fund raising etc
  • Aim towards constructive discussion and decisions
  • Stick to the decisions of the group
  • Encourage membership